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Healthy & Balanced in everyday Life

Yoga makes children strong and self-confident.
Children make us see the world with different eyes and thanks to children’s yoga we can show them a world they didn’t know before. The pedagogical orientation is based on the needs and development of children. In a time that is characterized by pressure and stress, it helps them to learn how to deal with it. Through yoga, children find inner peace and balance, get a better body feeling and a strong self-confidence for a fulfilled life.

The variety of aids supports them in healthy development, because coordinated postures strengthen and invigorate the entire organism. The body is supported in its growth and body awareness is trained. Through targeted relaxation exercises, children learn to come to rest. psychomotor development in connection with the effects of yoga on the body, mind and psyche. To accompany children in their development with imagination, play and joy. When our muscles are weak, we lose our balance, when our thoughts are confused, we cannot find peace and when our soul is afraid of being hurt, we close ourselves off.
we close ourselves off from life. However, finding our center and strengthening
is not to have everything under control all the time, but not to lose the connection to ourselves.
to no longer lose the connection to ourselves. When we change our inner attitude, we dare to question things and also to question things and to go our own way also in the outside. With this attitude my work I not only respond to the needs of the children, but also support you as parents.  Our appointment with life takes place in the present moment
and the meeting point is exactly where we are. That is why I teach
at different locations, institutions, schools and day care centers. Namaste!

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