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Hello dear human being, I am Nicole, a holistic Health & Life Guide empowering you to discover who you truly are beyond your everyday mind and leading you into the field of universal consciousness to manifest a choice destiny. Discover your true potential and abilities that are waiting within you to be unleashed.

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"We came to this earth to return to the remembrance that we are ONE. Enter a space beyond your everyday mind into the field of universal love & consciousness to manifest a choice destiny."

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Nicole Toth

Heartful Awakening

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Welcome to Heartful Awakening  
Discovering who you truly are beyond your everyday mind.

By connecting to your heart, to nature, to your breath, to silence, and to like-minded beautiful souls, you will discover your true being, your higher self, your pure essence beyond your physical body and everyday mind, and will embrace your unique soul plan and shine your light. Through conscious activities reconnecting to the true source the nature, you will be able to learn how to connect to the source of life, your heart, and your soul. Discover the beauty of life and the world starting by exploring yourself & and your inner world in many ways. Activate self-development, self-confidence, self-love, self-care, self-healing, self-growth, and self-empowerment.

Expand your consciousness, become more aware & mindful, heal naturally, love unconditionally, and live from your heart. Your journey starts here and now. Start living a joyful, healthy, and balanced life while reconnecting to the source of life, your true self, nature, our mother earth, the divine, and love in a conscious way. Following your Heart, your Intuition, your Purpose, your Mission, your Life-and Soulplan. 

Get in touch, and start living your true nature!

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