In order to live a life of divinity, purpose and abundance

The Time is Always Now


Come with me on a journey where you will embrace a new way of living. Lightful, JOYFUL, and SUCCESSFUL. You will learn that everything you experience in the outer world is just e reflection of your inner world. Therefore in order to change what you see in the outer world, I will take you on a deep dive into your inner world. We are not the body, we are not our mind. Yet we have a body and we have a mind and they are very powerful tools to be taken care of and used wisely.

It is time for change - let's make it happen, now.


As a holistic/integral health, life, and mindset coach, I encourage you to change your mindset and lifestyle.


I inspire people to reprogram their mindset so they can achieve their goals and dreams. I inspire & support you to live the life you want. Your PASSION & DREAMS. COURAGE to CHANGE & TRANSFORM. Let your life flow & shine "It's your time to live your life truly & fully! Let your passion and dreams become reality - create the life you want!

I believe, we humans are so powerful and are able to reprogram our mindset to achieve our goals and dreams. 


Change your mindset. Change your life.


What is a Mindset?


Mindset is a collection of beliefs, ways of thinking and experiences that shape your thoughts and habits. It is your mental boundary and has a huge INFLUENCE on how you think, what you feel and what kind of actions you take throughout the day.


Why it is so important


To achieve your goals, you need more than just a good plan. You can have the best strategy for your life or business, but if you don't have the right mindset, you will unknowingly SABOTAGE yourself. The way you think determines what you do.


For whom


Mindset coaching is for people who want to overcome FEAR, free themselves from LIMITING BELIEFS and achieve CLARITY about what they want in life, as well as for anyone who is ready to change their BELIEFS, develop self-discipline and achieve their GOALS.


Nicole Toth
Integral Life/Art Teacher