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Self-Empowerment & work Psychological Balance after Jacoby/Gindler and Selver.


Our information portal on Jacoby/Gindler work or Sensory Awareness provides information on the theory and practice of the psychophysical approach of Heinrich Jacoby, Elsa Gindler and Charlotte Selver. You will also find corresponding practice providers and their course offers. The work of Jacoby, Gindler and Selver is a psychophysical method for self-empowerment - as a prerequisite for pedagogical and therapeutic action. The aim is self-empowerment for motivated, authentic and productive behaviour, in relation to one's own performance as well as in relation to the empowerment of other people, especially children.

The central content of the work is the conscious perception and reflection of the quality of the interplay between body and mind. This takes place in the form of a pragmatic position-finding, the so-called organismic self-reflection. First become who you are. A change towards optimal performance in thinking, acting and being can only take place if I first become aware of the quality of my own current state of behaviour, through a "diametrical turn from interest in the object to interest in my own changes of state". An important precondition for changing unwanted and disturbing behaviour is first of all the recognition of states of tension and inner restlessness and their reduction. (Charlotte Selver has also called it "applied zazen" in each case).

The method of Jacoby, Gindler and Selver positively influences the psychophysical balance and promotes self-regulated acting and being from the inner stillness of the self, in harmony of body, mind and soul.

The method is a personal instrument for one's own self-empowerment as well as a pedagogical-therapeutic instrument for guiding the self-empowerment of others.

We are at all times the counterpart of a person and decide in every moment of the encounter whether we behave in a way that promotes or hinders development.


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