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Kraftortwanderung & Waldbaden "Shirin Yoku"

Experience Awareness. Expand your Consciousness, heal & recharge. Expand your awareness, and consciousness and experience healing & recharging (Chakras & Cells) in Nature. RELAX. RESET. RECHARGE. DISCONNECT. RECONNECT. Breathe in deeply and expand blissfully.

Our mindful 1-day mini Retreat, a journey through magical power places, you will be guided by mindful practices to expand your conscious awareness in and around you, activating your self-healing super powers, and your mental abilities to manifest the life you dream of, and at the same time regenerate your cells, fill up your chakra energy fields, and gain clarity of what you really want in your life. Silent observation in the present moment is where the truth and power are. Sharing in a safe space is powerful. Silence in any space is key to everything. Power Places. Active Meditation. Cacao. Nature. Creativity. Healing. Dreaming. Manifesting. Enjoying. Expanding. Growing. Loving.



1-Day Retreat

Dissonnect to Reconnect

Price: 111- / Full day 5-6 hours

Packages available:
4 Session: 250.-/h
8 Sessions: 200.-/h

Bring Mindfulness to Life & shape
your Body now.



Connecting with the spirit and wisdom of mama cacao we will be guided by our hearts to visualize, manifest & embody all our dreams.


INFOS - Registration is needed latest 2 days before!
*We meet at Arth-Golda Railway Station at 10:45
*We will guide you in German and in English

*Bring water to drink and small snacks to eat
*We will have a short break to rest, chill, enjoy, and just be
*Limited spots available, with a min. of 4 participants
*Info: +41 78 805 00 10


"Shirin Yoku" - Forest bathing: More and more, the awareness of the healing and strengthening powers of nature is returning to our lives. At first glance, today's world often resembles a jungle in which only the strongest survive, so it is not surprising that many people are driven by beliefs that they have to be strong or have to perform better in order to gain recognition.

Nature offers us a change of perspective and invites us to explore alternative strategies. Those who take a closer look discover that it is not the struggle, but resources such as mindfulness, integral awareness, personal clarity & trust that determine success.

You will experience personal development during the retreat and gain deeper self-empowerment skills. The rhythm of nature opens new dimensions of consciousness for you! You will recognize your natural potential and will be able to follow your life goals and your destiny.

Animals and plants can be creative teachers and inspire people for behavioral strategies. Natural authority, leadership, a distinctive sensory system, mindful perception, non-verbal communication, social competence, reliability, trust in each other, the handling of resources, hunting instinct, crisis management and motivation are just some of the aspects that can be excellently integrated into your own competence through integral mindfulness & nature coaching.


My pleasure to meet YOU.

Nicole Toth

Coordinator & Facilitator


Phone: +41 78 805 0010

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