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Discover your creative force power of the mind!


Awaken your full Potential & Greatness

SelfMastery-, Empowerment & Remembrance be the best Version of Yourself 


Dare to reach your full Potential - Your Plattform for Growth & Change

Be the best version of yourself with the help of the HeartMind Coaching® Method

You possess an unlimited power: the mind! Activate your SUPERPOWERS!


Open up new horizons for yourself by getting to know yourself better and freeing yourself from the ghosts of the past and the expectations of your environment. Reveal your joie de vivre in order to become more satisfied and successful, both privately and professionally. Be inspired by a community of like-minded people to awaken your creativity and strengthen your intuition. Our Walk & Talks will help you to become more present and focused. Help your life to unfold in all its abundance. Recognize your potential and find out how to unlock it. Our training module offers you a relaxed and informal setting in which you can acquire strategies in small groups that will help you to lead a fulfilled and cheerful life.


Together we will discover your potential as a spiritual being within you at our events. Your imagination is so powerful, learn to direct it and you will experience miracles - a life in abundance, the joy of life, wealth, prosperity, fulfillment, and everything your heart desires.


Why? Are we living our dreams or are we just trying to live up to the expectations of our environment? Do we feel comfortable and alive in our skin or trapped in habits and patterns? What do we really want? What is missing for our happiness?

The surest way to find answers to these questions is to take a step into the unknown, however small it may be, with the desire for an adventure, and a healthy curiosity. It is enough to look at oneself and one's life from an unusual perspective.

HeartMind Coaching® and ENVISION DanceYoga a combination of NLP, Affirmation, Visualization, Self-empowerment, Sensory Awareness, Embodiment, Authentic Movement, Journaling, Meditation & Breathwork, Kundalini Yoga, Voice Activation✨


I guide and support humans reprogram the mindset so they can achieve their goals and dreams. Check how 


Change Your Mindset. Change Your Life!

What is a Mindset


Mindset is a collection of your beliefs, thinking and experience that creates your thoughts habits. It is your mental limitation and has a huge AFFECT how you think, what you feel and what kind of action you take throughout your day.

Why it is so important


To achieve your goals you need more than a good plan. You may have the best strategy for life or business but if you don't have the right mindset you subconsiously will SABOTAGE yourself. The way of your thinking determines what you do.

For whom


Mindset Coaching is for people who would like to overcome FEARS, become free of LIMITING BELIEFS, get a CLARITY what they want in life, also for all who are ready to change their HABITS, develop self-discipline and reach their GOALS.

How as a Mindset Coach could I help you



Nicole Toth, Mindset Coach & Heartful Awakening Academy Founder



✓ understand importancy of goals setting

✓ know how to set up your goals to achieve what you really want

✓ take a closer look at how conscious & subconscious mindset interact



✓ identify and clear your limiting beliefs, things which hold you back

✓ recogine fears types and learn the way to overcome them

✓ become more self-aware and understand self-sabotage triggers 

✓ delete bad habits to implement new better habits into your life, business 



✓ create the life you desire

✓ develop high self-discipline to move forward easily

✓ take inspiring action without fear

✓ express the courage and self-confidence to reach your dreams

✓ change money mindset to earn more

✓ experience the change with powerful exercises

Start now

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