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Di., 19. Sept.



Power MindControl - Master your Mind

RADICAL TRANSFORMATION Magic can happen! You possess an unlimited power: the mind! Activate your SUPERPOWERS! Let the magic happen!

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Power MindControl - Master your Mind
Power MindControl - Master your Mind

Zeit & Ort

19. Sept., 19:00 – 20:00


Über die Veranstaltung

Our training module offers you a relaxed and informal setting in which you can acquire strategies in small groups that will help you to lead a fulfilled and cheerful life. You will learn and practice practical tools & methods for your everyday use!

Together we will discover your potential as a spiritual being within you at our events. Your imagination is so powerful, learn to direct it and you will experience miracles - a life in abundance, the joy of life, wealth, prosperity, fulfillment, and everything your heart desires.

Why? Are we living our dreams or are we just trying to live up to the expectations of our environment? Do we feel comfortable and alive in our skin or trapped in habits and patterns? What do we really want? What is missing for our happiness?

The surest way to find answers to these questions is to take a step into the unknown, however small it may be, with the desire for an adventure, and a healthy curiosity. It is enough to look at oneself and one's life from an unusual perspective.

🧡 True Transformation from Within✨ Discover your soul’s true purpose, let go of controlling your life, and harness the forces that will transform your destiny!💫

If you want to change your life, you have to get honest. Getting real with yourself, about your life, your goals, relationships, and ultimately happiness, requires blunt and candid transparency. If you’re tired of being tired, you need change. Welcome to your unique path of self-discovery & creation.

Create and activate consciously mentally: 🌟A happy, content & fulfilled life. 🌟Health & joy of life 🌟Wealth & prosperity on all levels 🌟Love, self-love & Appreciation 🌟Reprogramming of the subconscious mind 🌟Uncovered potentials, abilities & your creative power

There are helpful tools for this: 🌟Meditation & breathing is the key 🌟Thankfulness, forgiveness, blessing & praying the right way 🌟Mental training, visualization, affirmations & manifestation. 🌟Quantum physics, the power of thoughts, words & feelings & activating your positivity

This Seminar will take place via an external Google Meet link, sent after registering.

Awaken Your Inner Greatness🔥✨

Dare to reach your full Potential - Be the best version of yourself with the help of tools, methods, and techniques. You possess an unlimited power: the mind! Activate your SUPERPOWERS!

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