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An embodied expressive arts approach. for personal, interpersonal and social change, teaching new models of health, education, psychology and art.

Tamalpa Life/Art Process®
according to Anna Halprin and Daria Halprin (USA) is a life/art process that promotes personal development through creativity. Life experiences serve art and art serves personal process and growth. It is a process of expressing oneself through art, be it through free dance, through voice, through performing arts or through writing and painting. Finding inner images plays a crucial role in this process.  

Through our creative work we explore the relationships between the physical, emotional, mental/imaginary and spiritual levels as well as between the individual, the other and the group.

The Tamalpa Life/Art Process® is also used in the bodywork of Movement Ritual as well as in Environmental Dance.

»Kunst, die aus der inneren Landschaft entsteht
und mit unseren gelebten Erfahrungen verbunden ist,
erhellt die Dunkelheit und heilt die Seele.»
— Daria Halprin


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The Tamalpa Life/Art Process® with the models/building blocks of the Creative Expression

Method by Anna and Daria Halprin:   

The three levels of consciousness

The physical level is developed through theoretical study as well as practical implementation of the basic principles of human movement and dance. It includes body, movement and form.

The emotional level involves emotions and moods and is explored through the various artistic means such as movement, painting, creative writing and performance.

The mental level is worked out through the practical creative process based on theoretical study and practical engagement with reflection, theoretical concepts and integration of the mental level (metaphor, images, fantasies, symbols and thoughts).

We believe that spiritual growth intensifies when people can express themselves in a balanced, conscious and creative way on the three levels.

Psychokinetic Imagery Process
The Psychokinetic Imagery Process combines awareness of the three levels of perception and work with the creative means of expression. Potentials lying dormant in the unconscious can open up that are not accessible through "thinking" and "talking". Movements and "inner pictures" are painted and painted pictures are danced.


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