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Conscious Dating & Cacao Ceremony

Singles Gathering ~ Find Love 💕

Longing for an honest, real, and deep romantic connection, the partner to share your life, vision, and mission with? Someone with whom you can communicate honestly and transparently from the heart and show yourself fully?


Join this unique event and experience magical moments.🌟


Opening our hearts with ceremonial-grade Cacao, we will tune into a field of love and intuition where our hearts will guide us through the journey of encountering ourselves in the first place and then melt into contact with others, through mindfulness practices to land together and balance our vibration for the evening.


Save your spot now and get your ticket here:


REGISTRATION with some lines about yourself via or Email is required to ensure a safe space. For questions please write us!


Good to know

*We meet in a safe non-judgemental space

*Language German and English

*Bring water to drink

*Energy Exchange: see evenfrog link for different options

*Please confirm participation via

*Limited spots available, with a min. of 4 participants (2 of each gender).

*Info +41 78 805 00 10


Fun and embodied energy exercises, interchanged by introduction rounds to get to know each other from different life facets; in a relaxed and playful way rounding up our precious encounters with a sharing circle and a beautiful sunset show.

Get ready for a fun evening!


Are you ready for love? Conscious dating means to aware of the spiritual beings we are, experiencing life in a human body. Conscious means to be aware of how you act, think, and deal with life’s tasks. Being conscious means caring about yourself, the environment, and the interaction with other human souls. This is the dimension we connect with each other in the here and now, dive deep into unknown water to see what is beyond our everyday mind tapping into the field of universal love & consciousness to manifest a choice destiny, including the love of your life💫


Don't fall in Love. Raise in Love💕


Heartfully Nicole

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